Ruizhe Shi

我们从坚果剥出时间并教它走路: 而时间回到壳中.

About Me

🖥️ I am a junior undergraduate at IIIS, Tsinghua University (a.k.a. Yao Class, directed by the Turing Award Laureate Andrew Chi-Chih Yao). I major in Computer Science and Technology, and plan to minor in Chinese Language and Literature.

📚 My research interests lie broadly in machine learning, especially topics related to reinforcement learning, AI safety and their theoretical foundations. I am fortunate to work with Prof. Simon S. Du at University of Washington and Prof. Huazhe Xu at Tsinghua University.


☕ I’m always inspired by the spirits of Paul Erdős, for his kindness, devotedness and optimism. My number is 4.

🍟 I love reading novels, biographies and modern poetries, and am a big fan of classic movies, stage plays and pop concerts.